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Welcome and Acknowledgements

Page history last edited by Maria J Grant 10 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to the HEALER Research Toolkit



This toolkit is intended to help librarians in the health sector to carry out research from small-scale, local service evaluation through to much more formal research.   The toolkit is intended as a starting point for those wishing to undertake a research project, highlighting issues to consider and signposting resources to help you get started.

The Toolkit
The toolkit leads you in ten manageable steps through the research process.  The ten steps are:


Step 1: Turn Your Ideas Into a Research Question
Step 2: Review the Literature
Step 3: Design the Study and Develop Your Methods
Step 4: Writing Your Proposal for Formal Research
Step 5: Issues About Funding
Step 6: Obtain Ethical and Trust Approval
Step 7: Collect and Collate the Data
Step 8: Analyse the Data and Interpret Findings
Step 9: Implications of Your Research for Practice and Identify How Findings Can Be Put Into Practice
Step 10: Report on the Study and Disseminate Findings
The toolkit is based on the Research Flow Diagram and related text produced by the NHS National Institute for Health Research.  We are grateful for permission to use this material as the basis of the HEALER toolkit.
The HEALER research toolkit has been developed and is maintained by a number of HEALER members, in particular:

Alison Brettle
Caroline De Brun

Caroline Storer

Catherine Ebenezer

Christine Urquhart

Maria J Grant (Editor)

Anna Last

Hannah Spring
David Stewart
Christine Urquhart



Past contributors have included:


Andrew Booth

Dorothy Halfhide

Leslie Parker



Our grateful thanks also go the following people who contributed to the initial discussions and brainstorming of the HEALER research toolkit including:


Clare Edwards
Linda Ferguson
Richard Marriott
Audrey Marshall
Barbara Sen



Other Sites of Interest

LIS Research Sites which includes links to the LIS Research Coalition's site and LIRG.



David Stewart

May 2010, updated June 2013


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