LIS Research Sites

Other organisations are involved or interested in LIS research and may include helpful information:


1. Library and Information Research Group


LIRG aims to raise awareness of information research and welcomes your active involvement and support.


What does LIRG do?

LIRG aims to raise awareness of information research by:

The activities of the Group are co-ordinated by an elected committee of researchers, research students, lecturers and practitioners in the library and information profession.


How can you get involved in LIRG?

LIRG welcomes your active involvement and support.


2. Library and Information Science (LIS) Research Coalition


The LIS Research Coalition was established in 2009 as a three-year project by its founding members.

The broad mission of the LIS Research Coalition is to facilitate a co-ordinated and strategic approach to LIS research across the UK. The Coalition aims to:


The DREaM (Developing Research Excellence and Methods) Project  


The LIS Research Coalition held 3 workshops  each of which included a session on:

  1. a broad research approach;
  2. a specific quantitative research technique;
  3. a specific qualitative research technique;
  4. a research “practicality” (e.g. ethics, improving research impact, influencing policy).


Two conferences on July 19 2011 (launch of the DREaM project) and the project's conculding conference on 9 July 2012.

The links provide access to the programmes, presentations and other outputs from the workshops and conferences.


LIS Resources


The LIS Research Coalition also provides a list of links to guides and guidance that are relevant to LIS researchers in general and to researchers in specific sectors.

Please see for "Toolkits and guidelines for LIS researchers" and "Resources for LIS researchers in academic insitutions".