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Step 5: Issues About Funding

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HEALER Research Toolkit

Step 5: Issues About Funding


Advice About Funding


If you need advice concerning funding for your research project try:


To find our more about current research projects and the funding they have received:


Types of Costs


Have you thoroughly assessed the potential costs of your research project?


There are a wide range of costs to consider when developing the budget for your project.  These may include:


  • NHS R&D costs: You need to consider the financial implications for the NHS of the research you are thinking about doing, and be clear when you apply for research funding what is and what is not a research cost. The document Attributing revenue costs of externally-funded non-commercial research in the NHS (ARCO) from the Department of Health clarifies this
  • Sponsor costs: You must contact your sponsor before finalising your proposal and applying for funding to ensure any related costs are in included in the application
Allow sufficient time for the costings to be verified by the host institution finance office.


Costing Checklists




Will you need to pay for any other assistance or do you have enough staff within your research project?
NHS Salary Scales (Agenda for Change)
If you are working with a university, the university will need to draw up a 'full economic costing' for the proposal. Essentially this means that the university tries to ensure that their overheads are met. Each university has its own procedures, and some negotiation will be required. The staff costs of research assistants or academic staff involved in the project will include overheads.
Paying Consumers Involved in Research


Remember that most large funders require genuine user involvement in applications, so make sure you take this into account at an early stage.


There can be difficulties in paying users to be involved in your research, especially for those receiving state benefits. 


More guidance is published by INVOLVE.
It is important to cost for the involvement of users in development and management of the study, as well as disseminating results to them after it has finished.


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